Setup of the payment methods:
Due to COVID 19 Pandemic, auction lots WILL take longer than usual to reach you... sorry it's out of my hands!

Until 31-1-2021 we will accept up to 20% reduction - make us a single offer or a group offer and save some money.

Jusqu'au 31-1-2021 nous acceptons les offres jusqu'a -20% - Proposer vos offres (simple ou groupée) et faites des économies.

Reduce POSTAGE OFFER until end of 2021 (except if items to be sent required registration or insurance)
Postage & handling fees apply (see details in Frais / Cost)
(If unhappy with our postage and handling cost, please do NOT bid on our items.)

Frais de poste réduit jusque à fin 2021 (exception pour article envoyer en recommander ou ayant assurance)
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