Payment methods:

Dear Collectors,

I appreciate your visit to my page. Allow me to provide you with essential details regarding contact, shipping, and payment procedures.

After making a purchase, we can stay connected through Delcampe messages, emails, or Facebook messages. Explore a diverse collection of intriguing paper items from around the world, including postcards, prints, engravings, photos, stamps, and various collectible paper items such as autographs, lottery tickets, transportation tickets, travel documents, invoices, bills, receipts, and covers.

BIDDING: Your bids are always welcome! You have the flexibility to continue bidding for up to 7 days to accumulate items for a single shipment.


  • Up to 8 postcards can be sent with a flat shipping fee of €3.90, priority only, without a tracking number.
  • For 9-100 postcards, the shipping fee is €9.50.

REGISTERED SHIPPING FEE: Registered shipping fee is €9.50 for up to 8 postcards and €12.60 for 9-100 postcards.

LARGER ITEMS SHIPPING FEE: For larger items like prints, the shipping fee is higher at €9.50 without a tracking number or €12.60 with a tracking number.

PAYMENT: Payments can be made through Paypal or Bank Transfer (BIC/IBAN). There is no additional Paypal fee. For bank transfers, please contact me via email.


  • For Romania, Ukraine, and Bulgaria, registered shipping or a PO Box address is required.
  • Outside the EU, registered shipments are mandatory, except for Israel, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Far East.

Items will be meticulously packed for shipping. Please notify me via email about your payment. If you plan to place additional bids, I can wait up to 2 weeks; kindly inform me of your intentions via email.

I provide feedback once a month. When communicating via email or making payments, please mention your Delcampe username. Shipments are made once a week.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need more information.

Explore more captivating ephemera from around the world at my Delcampe Store  - Draglion Collection.

Thank you for your attention, and happy bidding!

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