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All your transactions are completely secure!

Delcampe has existed for 24 years. We implement the necessary measures to ensure your security. 99% of the transactions carried out are satisfactory for both parties.

Privacy and data protection is part of our concerns. We respect European laws in this respect.

Your connection to Delcampe is secured by Let's Encrypt.

Delcampe guarantees your security!

Your Delcampe account gives you free access to a secure messaging system. It is impossible for a third party to access it. Email addresses and links to websites are masked to guarantee your security and prevent phishing attempts.

Members can veiry their account for free, with is represented by the v next to their username.

Our rating system is also a good yardstick of confidence if the member reaches 100%. The figure is based on the seller's transactions in the previous year.

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Delcampe will work with you in the event of a dispute!

We provide you with a dispute management tool to enable the two parties to the transaction to talk and find a solution together. Most of the issues that arise are dealt with very quickly thanks to this tool.

The European Commission provides an online dispute resolution platform accessible at

Secure payments.

At Delcampe, all payments are made withsecure electronic payment organizations. They go either through Paypal or Mangopay.

These two secure payment solutions offer a wide range of payment methods to the buyer, who can complete transactions with complete serenity.

An identification procedure is mandatory for sellers the first time they want to withdraw their money. This is a one-time procedure which prevents your money from being sent to the wrong account number.

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Delcampe is a recognised website!

Many associations put their trust in Delcampe.
See the logos of the organisations we belong to.

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