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In order to sell your items, you must first create your shop and configure your settings. Creating a shop is completely free.To select your options, go to shop creation and complete the four steps. Define each parameter and go to the next step easily by validating each step at the bottom of the page. You can also go back at any time if you need to

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Calculating the shipping and/or handling fees applicable to the item you are interested in will give you a clear idea of the amount you will have to pay to your seller. Sellers can currently provide shipping charges based on two very different methods. The first is the one we recommend because it’s automated and lets buyers immediately see the tota

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We are aware that when one of our services is not operational, your ability to process your transactions is reduced. That's why we strive to resolve these issues quickly. The purpose of this article is to detail how we respond to incidents and how we keep you informed of the situation. This article covers the following topics: How to report an inc

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Different fee templates are available: fixed price, by weight, by quantity or by total invoice amount. The articles below provide a detailed explanation of how to create the different templates and their specificities. Click on the templates that interest you. Fixed price fee template Fee template based on item weight Fee template based on quantit

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This article covers the following topics: What is Delcampe Pay? How do I Activate my Delcampe Pay Account? What is Delcampe Pay? Delcampe Pay is a payment method that lets you carry out all of your transactions without leaving Delcampe. Delcampe Pay is the ideal payment method on the Delcampe website. These are just some of its advantages: one o

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To login to your account Click on "Login" or open the login page Enter your nickname and password in the dedicated fields Warning: enter only your nickname in the "Nickname" field. If you enter your email address, logging in to your account will not be possible. To view your password, click on the "eye" icon. Click on "Login" If you want your c

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To close your account Log on to your account Go to the unsubscribe form Select the account(s) to close Check the reason why you want to close the account(s) Click on "Confirm account closure" Note: you cannot close an account with a negative balance. To close your account, you must first credit it. Note: you cannot close your account if you have

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Several payment methods are available to add money to your Delcampe Pay account: credit card, Maestro card (in some countries), direct payment (these differ depending on your country) or bank transfer. The full list of payment methods available with Delcampe Pay can be seen at the bottom of the "Delcampe Pay" presentation page. Depending on the typ

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This article covers the following topics: What is DAC7 and from when does the directive apply? Which sellers are impacted? What information do you have to provide? Where can I find my tax identification number (TIN)? How can I provide my data? What will happen it I don't enter my data? At what threshold will my income be passed on to the tax auth

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