Dear buyer, If you are from the EU, please send your business address and Tax ID Number. Otherwise the law forcing me to add your coutries VAT to private persons invoices. Having your business address and TAX ID is much better for both of us. Thank you in advance. Merlion

Cher acheteur, Si vous venez de l'UE, veuillez envoyer votre adresse professionnelle et votre numéro d'identification fiscale. Sinon la loi m'oblige à ajouter la TVA de votre pays sur les factures des particuliers. Avoir votre adresse professionnelle et votre numéro d'identification fiscale est bien mieux pour nous deux. Merci d'avance. Merlion

Lieber Käufer, Wenn Sie aus der EU kommen, senden Sie bitte Ihre Geschäftsadresse und Ihre Steuernummer. Andernfalls zwingt mich das Gesetz, die Mehrwertsteuer Ihres Landes auf Rechnungen von Privatpersonen hinzuzufügen. Für uns beide ist es viel besser, Ihre Geschäftsadresse und Ihre Steuernummer zu haben. Vielen Dank im Voraus. Merlion

Gentile acquirente, Se vieni dall'UE, invia il tuo indirizzo commerciale e il codice fiscale. Altrimenti la legge mi obbliga ad aggiungere l'IVA dei vostri paesi alle fatture dei privati. Avere il tuo indirizzo aziendale e il codice fiscale è molto meglio per entrambi. Grazie in anticipo. Merlion

In these hard times, I wish everyone and their beloved ones good health.Take care.
En ces temps difficiles, je souhaite à tous et à leurs proches une bonne santé.

Dear Collectors,
Thank you visiting my  page.Here are some details coming about contact,shipping & payment rules.
We can  keep in touch after you have purchased an item, through delcampe messages,e-mails or facebook messages.
 You can find many  interesting  paper items  here from all over the world.There are  listed many postcards,prints,engravings,photos,stamps and collectible paper items (autograms,lottery tickets,transportation  tickets,travel documents,invoices,bills,receipts,covers).
Your bids  are always  welcome! You can keep on bidding up to 7 days to collect items for a single shipment. 

Up to 5 postcards can be sent with the same shipping fee  € 2.90, priority only, no tracking number, 6-100 postcards : € 5.50
If you want to get the shipment registered it will be 7.50 EUR (up to 3 postcards). 6-100 postcards € 10.60
LARGER ITEMS SHIPPING FEE (Not normal postcards)
For larger items (prints, etc) shipping fee will be higher (5.50 EUR w/o tracking number or 10.60 EUR with tracking number).
You can pay with Paypal or Bank Transfer (BIC/IBAN).No additional  paypal fee.If you want to pay with bank transfer  please contact me by e-mail.


Outside EU registered shipments only!  (except Israel, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Far East)
Items will be carefully packed for shipping. 
Please send an e-mail message about your payment.
If you intend to place more bids I can wait up to a week, please send an e-mail message about your intention.
I leave feedbacks once by a month.Please mention your Delcampe username on e-mails and payments. Ship once a week.
Do not hesitate to ask a question if you need more information.

Old Postcards & Ephemera   - Draglion Collection  Store  

Many interesting ephemera  from all over the world (postcards, prints, engravings, photos, stamps and more collectible paper items (autographs, lottery tickets, transportation tickets, travel documents, invoices, bills, receipts, covers).
Surf for more great items at my
 Delcampe Store   

Thank you for your attention!
Happy bidding!

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