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Tous offres inferieurs à 20% du prix sera automatiquement refusées .
All offers less than 20% of the price will be automatically refused.
Alle Angebote unter 20 % des Preises werden automatisch abgelehnt.

Le tarif des frais de port
Merci de vous référer à l'onglet "Conditions" inséré dans la page de chaque objet en vente (Sinon, n'hésitez pas à me demander).

Il ne me reste plus qu'à vous souhaiter de bons achats dans ma Boutique

Hello and welcome to my shop:
You will find mainly French or foreign coins and medals as well as bank notes.
All my coins and medals are authentic.
Except what are in the ruby '' Counterfeit coins ''
It is always possible to group the shipping costs in case of multiple purchases to make it more than just one.
The shipping rate
Please refer to the tab "Conditions" inserted in the page of each item for sale (if not, do not hesitate to ask me).
All I have to do is wish you good shopping in my shop

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