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Pensez à consulter la rubrique : LOTS EN VRAC (5 à 99 cartes et + 100) situées en fin de classement de ma boutique (PAT18PPP)
Il y a de nombreux lots, dont : “ VILLAGES ” et “ THEMATIQUES ” à des conditions très raisonnables.

Shop presenting a diversity of Postcards:
but mainly CPA and serrated CPSM (1950-1970's - small and large Format) France, Foreign and Themes.
Furthermore, many small batches are regularly posted online (France and Themes)
 So remember to consult the section: BULK LOTS (5 to 99 cards and + 100) located at the end of my store's classification (PAT18PPP)
… There are many small lots including “VILLAGES” and “THEMATIC” lots at very reasonable conditions…


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