Setup of the payment methods:
ARTS (kunst), BOOKLETS (carnets / boekjes / Markenheftchen), FAUNA (including listed under countries), FDC (Official First Day Covers), FIRST DAY (stamps / cards / maxis), FLORA (including listed under countries), FOOTBALL  (including listed under Olympics or countries), LARGE LOTS (Collections / Albums), LITERATURE / SUPPLIES (catalogues, stockbooks, albums), OLYMPICS (Jeux Olympiques, Olympiade), SMALL STOCK (for resellers), SHEETLETS (Kleinbogen / Z-bogen / velletjes), SHEETS (miniature sheets, souvenir sheets / feuillets / blokken), SPACE (espace, ruimtevaart, Raumfahrt), SPORTS (non-Olympics), TRAINS (Eisenbahn, Trenes), WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)
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