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Items listed in the shop are accumulated over the last 30+ years of collecting and hoarding. They are not listed for a living, hence the shop is not registered with Delcampe as a professional seller. Since we live in the beautiful Swedish countryside, there are 15 minutes by car to the nearest post office. That is also the reason why all auctions end on Saturdays, so it is possible to mail all paid shipments on Tuesdays.

All shipments get beautiful postmarks to go with the postage stamps that are usually used as franking - at no extra charge. Shipments are franked with se-tenants from booklets (not that commonly seen as postage). Motives of the postage stamps are chosen according to what the buyer seems to collect. You might drop a note with a special request.

Sending letters from Sweden is expensive when comparing to other countries in Europe. This fact has molded the sales conditions, and since it is not possible to compete with low shipping costs in other countries, the sales conditions are catering to an audience that are interested in purchasing somewhat more than a single postage stamp or cover. You are however more than welcome to purchase that single item that is missing in your collection. The flat rate shipping and handling fee comes in handy as you can buy as much as you wish for one invoice, and still only pay the flat rate s&h fee.

(latest update: 31 December 2023)

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