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We are an online shop selling coins and stamps to collectors worldwide. We have a strong international background and are able to interact with our clients in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin. You can use our translating options to access the content in the language you feel more comfortable with.

We have a comprehensive collection of stamps from France, Germany, Portugal and Macau but also offer a large variety of stamps from many other countries.

We offer singles, sets, blocks, miniature sheets, first day covers, commemorative covers, presentation packs as well as year books and booklets.

Our coins offering is mostly composed of coins from Portugal, Monarchy and Republic eras.

The stamps and coins we offer are in various conditions that we try to reflect as accurately as possible with our photos and product descriptions where we try to be as precise and accurate as possible with the information we provide. However  don’t hesitate to ask if something would still be unclear, we’ll do our utmost to provide the information you are looking for.

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