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We are selling North Korean mint stamps and other phllatelic items to private collectors. North Korean stamps are difficult to access. The sales and the purchases as well as the payments and the receipts of payments are banned by the USA through economic and other sanctions against North Korea. The sanctions include stamps for collecting.
The US administration does since 2013 not respect the philately hobby, collecting stamps from North Korea. Due to the present US Embargo of North Korean philatelic matherials of all types, HB POJ Stamps cannot accept US affiliated pay sites.Due to the sanctions our sales on eBay are banned and impossible and our PayPal account has been blocked. The US sanctions against North Korea stamps is a violation of the personal integrity and the stamp collecting as a hobby-
HB POJ Stamps Corp is a Swedish Company, established in 2003 and available on Internet since 2005, spezialised in North Korean stamps and other philatelic items from North Korea such as Booklets, Sheets (Kleinbogen), Print sheets, FDC's, Aerogrammes, Stationeries, Postcards, Maxicards etc which are often rare and difficult to find on Internet. HB POJ Stamps Corp is selling World Wide, independent of political situation, respecting human rights and privacy. Philately is a private hobby, connecting people together,
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