If you want to close several sales, it is possible to close them all at once.

To close several sales simultaneously

  1. Go to "My ongoing sales"
  2. Select the sales to be closed by checking the corresponding boxes
  3. Click on "Close sales"
  4. Click on "Confirm"
  5. A confirmation message is displayed

Tip: To select all sales on the page, click on "Select all"

Warning: However, if some of the sales to be closed have received bids, there are two important points to consider in closing them:

1. They will only close within 24 hours so as not to disadvantage potential bidders. If the time remaining for the sale is less than 24 hours, there will be no tick box, as the sale time before closing cannot be reduced.

2. Their closure will in no way cancel the bids placed on them. The sales will therefore have to be concluded with the highest bidders in any case. These are early closures, not cancellations of sales.