This article explains how to restart sales that have been closed without a buyer via:

Via “My unsold items: Closed” page

  1. Go to “My unsold items: Closed”
  2. Tick the box next to the sale you want to restart
    You can select several sales on the same page.
    If you wish to restart all the sales on the page, click on "Select all" at the top of the list.
  3. Next click on "Restart"
  4. Confirm by clicking on "Yes, I confirm"
    Restarting sales is done page by page. You must therefore click on “Restart” before changing pages or you will loose the selection.

Tip: To restart a larger number of sales with a single click, display more items per page.

Via the sales page

  1. Go to the sales page
  2. Click on “Restart sale”
  3. Confirm by clicking on "Restart sale"