This service is available to all sellers and will enable you to apply a fee template, regardless if they are already associated with a template. You can decide to apply a specific fee template to a selection of your items or to all items in your shop.

To apply a fee template

  1. Go to the Management of shipping costs
  2. Select the category or categories to which you want to apply a fee template

    You can choose between the following options: 

    - all my categories (which is selected by default)
    - a specific category: select this option and the desired category from the lists or enter its category number

  3. Select the items to which you want to apply a fee template.

    You can choose between the following options (taking into account your choice at category level): 
    - all my items
    - only items without a fee template
    - only items of this fee template: select the fee template via the drop-down menu
    - specific objects: select this option and then go to step 3 ("Item selection") to select the item(s) to which you want to apply a template

  4. In the overview, select the template to apply from the list of your existing templates
  5. Click on "Apply this fee template"

This functionality is also available via multiple changes.