Delcampe lets you initiate a dispute if you don’t receive your lot after paying the seller.
When you initiate a dispute you will be in direct contact with the seller.
The Delcampe Team will only be informed of the dispute and of your need for assistance if you request mediation.

The seller agrees to send you the lot within 14 days of receiving payment. 
If this doesn’t happen, please contact the seller.
If, however, your seller doesn’t meet their obligations under the contract, you are entitled to initiate a dispute.

By default, a dispute is opened for an entire payment request (all items in the request are selected). If your dispute does not concern all the items in a payment request, you can of course uncheck them.

To open a dispute

  1. Go to the “My purchases” page
  2. Find the payment request related to the item(s) for which you wish to open a dispute, click on “More” next to this request
  3. Click on “Open a dispute
  4. A new page is displayed. By default, the system selects all the objects linked to the payment request. Keep only the object(s) for which you want to open a dispute and uncheck the others
  5. In the drop-down menu under “Reason for the dispute”, choose "Item paid for but not received
    This reason for dispute will only be present if you have paid the item
  6. Enter a short explanation. If necessary add one or more images
  7. Click on "Open a dispute"

If your seller doesn’t answer you or you receive an answer but can’t reach an agreement, you can ask Delcampe to intervene via the "Request mediation" button. The button will either appear after two exchanges or after 14 days if there is no answer from your seller.

A dispute can be opened minimum 7 days and  maximum 90 days after the close of the sale.