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The follow-up of the items you bought on Delcampe is done through your purchases.This page is divided into different sections that each represent a stage in your purchase tracking. Thus, you can easily find, among all your purchased items, those that are still waiting to be invoiced by your seller, those that you still have to pay and those that yo

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On Delcampe, sellers have the possibility to send or not a payment request to their buyers. Some sellers set up their account to allow you to pay directly for your purchase without having to wait for them to validate the payment request. Warning: all of your purchases must be paid to your sellers directly. Never credit your Delcampe account to pay

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As soon as a transaction is marked paid, the information to send the payment is no longer available. To have access to the information again, simply follow the procedure below: Go to “My purchases: Awaiting Shipment” Select the transaction and click on the “Payment sent” iconThe transaction will move back under the “Awaiting payment” tab Go t

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Exporting the items you bought as well as the bids you have made is only available to members who are part of the Club+ Silver or Club+ Gold membership. You can export the items from the following pages: your ongoing bids your lost bids your purchases your history of bought items To export an item list Go to one of the above pages Click on the b

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View your purchase statistics by selecting your period from the scrolling menu. Several options are available, including the personalised period. It enables you to configure a date range. The statistics are compared to the previous period. You can also view sellers who no longer accept your bids on this page.

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To view your purchased items, you have 2 possibilities: By item By invoice  By item Go to My purchases: All. This list includes all your items purchased on Delcampe. You have the possibility to display your items purchased by : Title Check that this is the default filter. Click on the  icon in the first column to sort the titles in ascending

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You can rate your transactions on Delcampe. You can give your seller or buyer a feedback of 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% or 0%, based on the quality of the transaction. You can also leave a “comment only”. This is a neutral feedback which does not change the rating percentage of your seller/buyer. The total percentage enables you to judge the reliability of

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  You can only change a feedback within 60 days after the sale has closed. You can only change a feedback to a higher percentage or to "Comment only”. For example: from 50% to 100% or from 100% to "Comment only".   You can change your rating two different ways: Via the sales page Via "My ratings: Given" Change a feedback via the sales page On t

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This article covers the following topics: Archiving a payment request Unarchiving a payment request Archiving and unarchiving payment requests To archive a payment request Go to “My purchases" Find the payment request to be archived and click on  Select “Archive” in the scrolling menu: Once a request has been archived, the  message will b

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