On the ‘My purchases’ page, the items you have purchased and the payment requests you have received are divided into different tabs depending on the status of the transaction. You have the option of archiving these purchases, which can be useful if the transaction has been completed in order to keep your attention on current transactions only. Even if the purchases and payment requests are archived, you will still be able to consult them if necessary.

Note: archiving is only possible if one of these two conditions is met: either the items have been paid for; or a comment or a 0% or 25% rating has been left.


To archive a purchase

  1. Go to “My purchases"
  2. Find the purchase or the payment request to be archived and click on "More"
  3. Click on “Archive
  4. A confirmation message will be displayed. You can find the item in “My purchases : Archived

Tip: You can archive several purchases or payment requests at once by ticking the boxes relating to these purchases and clicking on the ‘Archive’ button above the table.