Sellers can configure their account to enable buyers to pay them without waiting for a payment request.
However, some sellers prefer to send their payment requests.

This article covers the following two cases:

My seller allows me to pay without a payment request

  1. Go to "My purchases: To pay".
  2. Select the transaction to be paid and click on PAY.JPG. You will be taken to the payment request.
  3. Add the fees to the payment request in accordance with what the seller has defined under the “Conditions” tab on the sales page.

  4. Click on continue.JPG to continue with the payment.


My seller does not allow me to pay and has not sent me a payment request

The seller has seven days after the sale is closed to send the payment request to the buyer.

After that deadline, we recommend that you contact the seller via the website messaging system.

If you don’t hear from them after another seven days, initiate a dispute procedure.

  1. Go to My dispute manager
  2. Select the buyer status and enter the item number (without spaces or a leading #)
  3. Select "No response from my seller" as the reason for the dispute
  4. Enter a short explanation
  5. Click on "Open a dispute"

If the seller doesn’t respond within seven days, consider the sale cancelled and archive it.

A dispute can remain open 90 days maximum after the close of the sale.

Tip: professional sellers should replace the term "payment request" by "invoice".