On Delcampe, communication between members is essential.

However, the possibility to contact another member of the website depends on certain criteria: for example, if you have already made a transaction with them or if you are a verified member. You also have the possibility to ask a question directly on the page of a specific item.

This article covers the different cases:


Contacting my seller or my buyer

Contacting my seller

  1. Go to your purchase tracking
  2. Click on mceclip0.pngunder the seller's nickname
  3. Enter your message
  4. Click on mceclip1.png

Contacting my buyer

  1. Go to  your sale tracking
  2. Click on mceclip3.png under the buyer's nickname
  3. Enter your message
  4. Click on mceclip2.png

Tip: The seller and the buyer have the possibility to contact each other as soon as the sale is closed by using the website's mailbox.


Ask a seller a question about an item

  1. Open the item page
  2. Click on the mceclip4.png tab
  3. Enter your message
  4. Click on mceclip5.png

Tip: You can find the questions you have asked in your Delcampe mailbox, under My questions: Asked questions

Tip: The mceclip0.pngbutton, which is available on all item pages, is another way to get in touch with a seller, provided you have already completed a transaction with that member or are a verified member.


Contacting a member with whom I have never made a transaction

For security reasons, it is initially not possible to directly contact a member with whom at least one transaction has not been finalised beforehand. This limitation can be lifted by requesting the postal verification.

Postal verification is a paid and optional service. It allows you to verify the postal details entered in your account by sending a code to your home address mentioned on Delcampe. Once validated, the postal verification also gives you the right to contact other members without having made a transaction beforehand.

I am a verified member

  1. Click on the seller's nickname to open his/her profilecontact_member.png
  2. Click on mceclip6.png
  3. Enter your message
  4. Click on mceclip1.png

I am not a verified member

In this case you have to become a verified member Once your postal verification has been validated, you will have the right to contact other members without having completed a transaction beforehand.