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Carol and Franks Postcards

      FIRSTLY : PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept lower bids on our cards, If we did we would put our cards  in an auction. All our prices are Fixed prices. Thank you

Hi I'm Frank 78 years young.
Carol my Wife is 69

We were full time book dealers for over 35 years, Now all we sell is Postcards.
We have over 55,000 listed on Delcampe,we do have over 14,000 Positive 
rating on E Bay but we no longer sell on this site (Fees to high.) We could never afford to list any where near 10,000 let alone 43,000 on E bay.
We sell postcards to top up the pension we get.
We will always combine postage costs.
We do offer big discounts on postage.
If you do not like what you get and think that it was described wrongly then by all means contact us.
If you ordered the card by mistake we will refund the cost of the card but not the Postage. We always give a full refund if for any reason the fault is ours.

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