This article covers the following topics:

Archiving and unarchiving a sale is described in another article available here.

To archive a payment request

  1. Go to “My sold items”
  2. Find the payment request to be archived and click on mceclip0.png
  3. Select “Archive” in the scrolling menu:

Once a request has been archived, the mceclip1.png message will be displayed and you can find the payment request in “My sold items: Archived”.


To unarchive a payment request

  1. Go to “My sold items: Archived"”.
  2. Click on mceclip2.png
  3. A confirmation message will appear
  4. The transaction will be in your tracked sales


Archiving and unarchiving payment requests

  1. Click on the small square at the top of the page: archiver2.png
  2. Next, click on “Archive” or “Retrieve from archive”

You can also check the transactions to be archived or unarchived.


Tip: professional sellers should replace the term “payment request” by “invoice”