As long as the payment request is not paid, it is possible to make the following changes:

  • add one or more new shipping methods
  • remove one or several items from the list
  • reduce the cost of pre-determined shipping methods
  • make an overall discount

It is not possible to:

  • modify or delete the shipping methods already defined
  • increase the cost of your shipping fees

In order to modify a payment request that has not been paid yet

  1. Go to  "My sold items: invoiced”
  2. Find the payment request to be modified and click on "More" next to the request of your choice
  3. Select "Edit the payment request" in the drop-down menu
  4. Change your payment request

    At this step, if you want to:

    add a new shipping method :

    - clik on "Add a new delivery method"
    - select the appropriate shipping method in the drop-down menu and enter its cost

    remove an item from the payment request :

    - tick the box(es) next to the item(s) in question
    - click on "Remove from the list"
    Removed items will be split up on another payment request in My sold items: To be invoiced

    reduce the cost of pre-determined shipping methods:

    - click in the field containing the amount to be changed
    - enter the new amount

    make an overall discount:

    - change the discount field in the summary
  5. Click on "Send the payment request" and your buyer will receive a new payment request