Putting your items up for sale on the Delcampe website is easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Listing

2. Bidding

A buyer can place a bid directly on the item page:

  • If it is an auction, he/she will indicate the amount of his/her bid.
  • If it is a fixed-price sale, he/she can buy it immediately.

As a seller, you see the nicknames of the various bidders and the buyer on your sales. Each of these members only sees their own nickname. Members not involved in the auction only see your nickname.

3. Sale

  • In an auction, the item is awarded to the highest bidder.
  • In a fixed price sale, the sale ends as soon as a member buys the item.
  • When the sale ends, Delcampe notifies the seller and the buyer by e-mail.

4. Payment

  • After the sale ends, and depending on the seller's configuration, a payment request may be sent to the buyer.
  • The buyer pays for the item in accordance with the seller's instructions.

Warning: The money will be sent directly to the seller and not to Delcampe.

5. Shipping

Once the seller has received payment from the buyer, he ships the item to the buyer.

6. Feedback

A feedback can be given by both parties when they consider the transaction as finalised.