You must define your terms and conditions of sale to put items up for sale.

To configure your terms and conditions of sale:

  1. Go to "Creating your shop: sales conditions"
  2. Choose if you ship the item after or before the buyer's payment and select your delivery time (by default, "After payment within 14 days" is selected)
  3. Choose whether or not to accept hand delivery by using the selection box
  4. Choose if the shipping fees are paid by you or the buyer
  5. Create one or several delivery zones

    A delivery zone is a group of countries in which you want to sell and send your items. The system allows you to create up to 7 zones.
    "Zone 1: National" is the only active zone by default. It includes your country. This zone can be modified by adding other countries for which the shipping rates are the same as for your country of residence. Its name can be changed if necessary.
    If a country is not selected, buyers from that country will not be able to bid on/buy items in your store. 

    To create a zone:

    a) Click on "Add a delivery zone"
    b) Check the countries you want to include in this zone.
    You can select countries from different continents.
    c) Enter the name of your choice for this zone
    d) Click on "Create the delivery zone"

    Choose a name that makes it easy to see which countries are linked to your zones. These zones will be displayed in your fee models and also in the selling form.

  6. Choose whether you accept the right of withdrawal by using the selection box
    For more information about this guarantee, see point 7.3 Contract cancellation by the buyer in our terms and conditions of use.

    Note: the right of withdrawal is automatically activated for professional sellers.

  7. Choose if the return fees are paid by you or the buyer
  8. Fill in the special terms and conditions field if needed
  9. Click on "Save and next" to activate the sales conditions in your account.