Delcampe lets you initiate a dispute if you receive a feedback you believe is unjustified.
When you open a dispute, you will be in direct contact with your buyer.
The Delcampe Team will only be informed of the dispute and that you need help if you request mediation.

A feedback can only be withdrawn during a four-month period after the date on which the sale closes.

To open a dispute

  1. Go to the page "Open a dispute"
  2. Select seller status
  3. Enter the item number (without spaces and no # sign prefix)
  4. Select “Unjustified negative feedback” as the reason for the dispute
  5. Enter a short explanation
  6. Click on "Open a dispute"

If the buyer doesn’t respond within seven days, the feedback you received will be automatically withdrawn and the dispute closed.
If your buyer answers you but you can’t reach an agreement, you can ask Delcampe to intervene via the "Request mediation" button. The button will either appear after two exchanges or after 14 days.

The time-frame for initiating a dispute is seven days minimum and 90 days maximum after the date the sale is closed.