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Paper Heritage have been selling stamps at stamp fairs since 1979, and online through our own website since about 1999.  Our stocks are all-world, except for the British Commonwealth.
Our listings on Delcampe are principally of stamps, plus a few covers, with much specialised material, notably from Latin America.  We have always been strong in railway-related material, mostly thematic stamps, but in recent years we have added a greater range of railway letter and parcel stamps and some Cinderella material.  If you collect railways, many of  the railway thematics will be listed under the theme, but some will be under countries, so we would recommend that you also search in ALL our other items using the search word  railway.

We want our customers to be happy with their purchases.   If you are unhappy for any reason, please contact us and we shall do our best to put things right.  We try to be accurate with descriptions and to point out hidden faults; please see the scans for centering, perforations, cancellations etc.


All older stamps offered by us are believed to be authentic, unless otherwise stated, or unless sold 'as is' or 'as seen', which means that we cannot vouch for their authenticity.  

We try to avoid listing any modern stamps considered to be illegal but identifying them is very difficult.  Please let us know if you find any such stamps in our listings, so that we can remove them.

For details about how to send payment, please see the special conditions in the 'Sales Conditions' tab.

Full information on Postage and Handling is available in the Delcampe tab provided for this subject.
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