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What's the Top Stores?

The Top Stores shows the ranking of the 100 best shops run by Club+ Gold member sellers who wish to be ranked, grouped by main category of the website.


Who can be part of the Top Stores?


In order to be ranked, a seller must meet three criteria:

  • be a Club+ Gold member
  • have more than 100 feedback with an average rating of at least 95%
  • activate the "Top Stores" options in the shop settings


In order to appear in the "Top Stores", taking into consideration the criteria listed above:

  1. Go to your shop settings
  2.  Under the tab "Show my shop in...", click on sur mceclip0.png in front of "The List of Top Stores" in order to activate the option in your account.
  3. Click on mceclip1.png

For your information:  Changes will only be taken into account from the next calculation of the Top Stores.


How is the Top Stores ranking calculated?

The ranking is based, among other things, on the following criteria:

  • the turnover during the past month
  • the number of items sold
  • the number of sales currently online


Warning: The ranking takes into account the items sold in the previous weeks and not the current week.

Tip: The calculation is updated once a week and an email is sent to all classified sellers.

Where and how to consult the Top Stores ranking?

The Top Stores page

All members can view the ranking via the Top Stores page.

On this page the 100 best shops of all categories are displayed by default.

To display the ranking for a particular category:

  1.  Under mceclip2.png click on mceclip3.png and select the category of your choice in the drop-down menu
  2.  Click on mceclip4.png

Progress symbols displayed next to the shops show how they have changed compared to the previous ranking:

  • mceclip4.png the shop has improved its ranking
  • mceclip6.pngthe shop has fallen in the ranking
  • mceclip5.pngthe shop remained in the same position or was not ranked yet

Category pages

A restricted Top Boutiques is also presented on some category pages. In this case it is the Top 5 of the best sellers in the main category you are in (such as the main categories "Stamps", "Postcards" or "Coins and Banknotes"). To see the complete list of classified shops, click on mceclip5.png



Tip:  Club+ Gold members can check their ranking at any time by consulting their selling stats.