The Club+ is a membership available on the Delcampe website. It gives you access to more exclusive services and some discounts. It also improves your reputation with the members who will make transactions with you.

The Club+ membership has three different levels:

  • The Club+ Bronze
  • The Club+ Silver
  • The Club+ Gold

For a full list of membership benefits, please visit the Club+ page. 

It is possible to subscribe to a monthly service. When you first subscribe, you will be able to benefit from a free 30 calendar day trial period, regardless of the chosen membership and its duration. Please note that this trial offer is only valid once per account.

In order for the membership to be activated, your account must be verified.

How to subscribe to the Club+ ?

To subscribe to a Club+ membership:

  1. Go to the Club+ page. 
  2. Choose the desired membership according to your needs and the specific features listed (Club+ Bronze, Club+ Silver or Club+ Gold)
  3. Under the chosen membership, click on "Subscribe to Club+" (or possibly on "Start my free trial month")

    Warning: If your account is not yet verified, you will be asked to complete the verification process by sms before you can subscribe.
    For more details, please read the article SMS check.
    Once your account has been verified, you will need to click on "Continue" and continue from point 3 of this article.

  4. Click on "Confirm my membership"
  5. Take advantage of the many benefits of your membership