On Delcampe, you can find items sold by prestigious auction houses. These sales are part of the auction catalogues proposed by these Auction Houses.
All Delcampe members can submit bids on these items.

This article covers the following topics :

How can I access the various catalogues proposed by the Auction Houses?

  1. Go to the list of current catalogues
  2. Click on "Browse the catalogue" to access the catalogue of your choice.

How can I submit an offer to an Auction House?

  1. Go to the item page
  2. Enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay
  3. Click on "Send my bid"
  4. Tick the box confirming that you have read the conditions of sale of the catalogue and the possible fees added to the final amount
  5. Click on "Send my bid to the Auction house"
  6. Your bid will be found in your "My bids: Auction houses" page

What happens after placing a bid?

Your bid will be automatically transfer to the auction house. It will be registered as soon as the auction begins (public or by bids, depending on the auction house's sales conditions).

At the end of the sale, if your bid is the highest one, the auction house will contact you. The payment of the transaction will be made outside the Delcampe website. Your bid will remain in your "My bids: Auction houses" page

If you are not the highest bidder, the auction house will not contact you.