Métodos de pago:
Attention to all my clients about the grade classification of banknotes, because I'm starting on that and I don't know very well what grade them are. I think that I need to put some classification on them because the scans aren't very good and it's to help you, but if not help, sorry. I will try to put my best idea of them. Please, see well the images and bid accordingly. I'm starting in some more stuffs(like books) so take that in consideration. Because a bad feedback received, I don't send more stamps on the covers. Sorry. Could happens but normaly no, so bid with consideration. Now, because I have had very stuffs to do, Order shipments can take up to a week.
  • About Covid-19 and durind this period, I was informed, that I can't send any items to some Countries, so before you buy something, please ask me, if I can send or not, please.

Thank you.
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