This service is one of the many benefits of our Club+ Gold membership.

This article explains how to change the price of your sales in progress in a few clicks.

  1. Go to the multiple changes page.
  2. Select the change
  3. Select the change type
  4. Select whether you want to increase or decrease the price of your items
  5. Select the type of price change you want to apply

    Note: if you select the “Amount” change type, the amount shown will be applied to all currencies without taking the exchange rate into account.

  6. Select your items by category.

    To select all categories:

    Selectmceclip1.png to ensure that the change is applied to all categories

    To select specific categories:

    Select the category to which you want the change to apply
    Click on mceclip3.png

    Tip: Repeat this action for each category to which you want the change to apply


  7. Check your changes via the summary table
  8. Click on mceclip7.png to validate your change