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"THE WAR OF LIONS" FILM & PHILATELY — WWII scatters Polish and Italian stamp-collectors who reunite across enemy lines driven by their passions and friendship — A true story by George Perantoni — Welcome to our family's Delcampe store about 'War and Stamps' — We sell items exclusively collected by the Perantoni family — "THE WAR OF LIONS" is a historical film in pre-production about the Perantoni family and their friends: Polish and Italian stamp-collectors during WWII — Items sold in our family's Delcampe store are 19th and 20th-century collectibles related to our film; exclusive property formerly collected by Carlo, Luigi and Victor Perantoni, wine merchants from the Valpolicella region in northern Italy to pre-war Eastern Poland — Our exclusive sales are stamps, coins, philatelic items, pre-war photography, and other family collectibles accumulated by Victor Perantoni from the lands he resided: ITALY – POLAND – AUSTRALIA – and the UNITED STATES ... plus, items of Victor's WORLDWIDE COLLECTIONS from many other countries.  —  —  Take a break and read our SCRIPT.
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