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    I posted this over a year ago, but I have found a little more about the recipient, Mlle. H vanden Berg, the Pensionat in Herck la Ville, Belgium, was the Ursaline Convent so she was probably a young girl at school there. The card is perhaps from her father or other elderly relative (if a friend they'd have said more, if a lover it would be affectionate) He adds a round cachet from the Odessa Tramways, the date in the Julien and Gregorian Calendars, Ogecca (which is the old name for Odessa in the Latin alphabet) and his initials, that's all .What would a young girl care about the Odessa tramways? The cancel is an Odessa, (Ukraine) CDS, the tramways were mostly financed from Brussels in Belgium. The card is German and possibly the first that came to his hand but I'm still a bit worried by the image, the kids are a bit furtive but I suppose it might be just a bottle of pop!
    What do you think?
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    Sorry but I can't tell you more than one year ago.
    Just one point : "Ogecca" is not an old name of Odessa in the latin alphabet,but "Odessa" handwritten in the cyrillic one (lowercase)
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    It may be a German card, but it is a very Dutch image - traditional costume, clogs, tulips, windmill

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