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We have decided to refine in a more coherent way the sub-categories of our « French coins » category, mainly the sections concerning the "Franc" (after 1789). These categories were, since the creation of the website, organized by face value. At the request of many experienced numismatists and in order to better reflect the reality of the collecting

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For years, 'Unclassified' and 'Other' subcategories have been present in many places on the website. The 'Other' subcategories were set up to insert items for which no specific category had been developed, while the 'Unclassified' subcategories were used to list items that could fit into more than one sub-category, or for which sellers were unsure

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New subcategories have been added in "Arts & Antiquities". We invite you to check the classification of your items and to modify their categories if necessary. You can find the category numbers through this page.  Warning, the category numbers only appear if they already contain at least one item! Otherwise you can find all subcategories via th

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In order to make selling easier, to simplify the buyer's experience and to standardise the structure of the categories, we have made some changes in the "Stamps > France" category. The main changes are as follows: - Creation of the "...- 1849 Prephilately" category and transfer of the relevant categories from "Postmark collection" to this new de

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The purpose of this section is to inform you of changes or additions to the categories. It will be updated according to developments in the various sections. We therefore recommend that you to consult it regularly. You can find the tree structure and the category numbers via this link:  

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