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In order to change your nickname Go to "My personal data" Change your nickname in the "nickname" field Tip: you can check whether the chosen nickname is available by clicking on "Check availability". Depending on whether or not your nickname is available, the following messages will appear: "Nickname available" or "Nickname already assigned". In t

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To change your password Go to the page "Password'" Enter your current password in the field "Current password" Enter your new password in the field "New password" Confirm it by entering it again in the field "New password confirmation" Click on "Modify"

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To change my email address Go to "My information: Email address" Enter your new email address Click on "Modify" Note: If your email address is also linked to your payment methods, we recommend that you check and change them if required via “My shop: Payment methods"    

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To change the mailing address linked to your account Go to "My information: Contact details" Change the information you want to update Click on "Save"  

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 It is not possible for a member to modify his/her professional information himself/herself, it is necessary to contact Customer Service via the contact form for a change to be taken into account. The information that we can change for you is as follows: name of the business activity business address (billing address) professional email address ac

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To inform people that you will be absent temporarily, e.g. when you go on holidays or for other reasons, you can display a temporary absence icon. The icon will be visible in several areas of the website to inform other members. To activate the icon Go to the page  “My parameters: General” Check ”Yes” under “I am temporarily absent” in the public

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Choosing the right general settings for your Delcampe account is essential for an efficient use. These choices also enable you to customize your account settings. The section "Use of the website" allows you to set or modify the following settings:  Your preferred language Your time zone Converter currency Contrast and readability of the site Login

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To close your account Log on to your account Go to the unsubscribe form Select the account(s) to close Check the reason why you want to close the account(s) Click on "Confirm account closure" Note: you cannot close an account with a negative balance. To close your account, you must first credit it. Note: you cannot close your account if you have

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In order to provide you with practical information about the GDPR on Delcampe, this article covers the following topics: What is the GDPR? What is the purpose of the GDPR? What does it mean for you? What is personal data? What are your rights with respect to the processing of your personal data and how can you exercise them? How long does Delcampe

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