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How does this law impact on Delcampe members?

Following the entry into force of the German Packaging Act ("VerpackG"), we are required to check that our professional sellers selling to private buyers residing in Germany comply with the obligations of this legislation as of 01/07/2022.
This law requires professional sellers to register in the LUCID register (via the ZSVR website) on the one hand and, on the other hand, to select a local eco-orgazation which will be responsible for collecting and recycling the packaging placed on the German trade market.
Once a year, they will also have to declare which types of packaging were used and their volume in kilos (to the ZSVR and the selected eco-orgazation).
To carry out this verification, we have to ask our professional sellers to provide their LUCID registration number on the website.

Which sellers are concerned?

The sellers concerned are all professional sellers, regardless of their country, who sell to private individuals residing in Germany.

Warning: if you are not registered, you will not be able to sell your items to members located in Germany.

How to register with LUCID?

To register with LUCID:

  1. Go to the website for the German Central Packaging Register (ZSVR)
    Please note that this site is only available in German and English
  2. Fill in the form to create your account
  3. Confirm your registration using the email you received
  4. Following your registration, the ZSVR records the data you have provided and assigns you a registration number called the "REP" number or commonly called the LUCID registration number.

Tip: The above steps are indicative. A video detailing each step of the ZSVR registration process is available in English. Click here to watch it.

How to obtain a licence number from an eco-organization?

To obtain a licence number from an eco-organization:

  1. Select an eco-organization among the list
  2. Contact the eco-organisation of your choice in order to subscribe and obtain a licence number

What do your have to do on Delcampe once the LUCID registration is carried out?

  1. Go to your sales conditions
  2. In the "Delivery zones" section, enter your LUCID registration number in the appropriate box
  3. Confirm the change in your sales conditions

If you have any questions about the LUCID register or the eco-organisation, please contact the ZSVR helpdesk directly through their contact page. Delcampe can only help you with adding your LUCID number on our website.