A refund via Delcampe Pay is only possible if you have been paid via this method and within 2 months after receiving the payment.

The procedure described below only applies in the following cases:

-you are a professional seller in the EU, your buyer in the UK has paid the import charges via Delcampe Pay and you want to proceed to a refund (partial or full) of this purchase;

- you are a professional seller outside the EU, your buyer located in the EU has paid the import fees via Delcampe Pay and you want to proceed to a refund (partial or full) of this purchase.

If you are in one of the above-mentioned cases, and you need to refund a payment (partially or fully), you have to cancel the sale(s) before you can make the refund via Delcampe Pay.

Warning: if you are a professional seller but your buyer has not paid the import fees via Delcampe Pay, please refer to the article "How do I refund my buyer via Delcampe Pay ?"

To proceed to the refund via Delcampe Pay of a payment that included import fees:

  1. Go to  your dashboard with the latest activity on your account or on the payments received: finished  page
  2. Click on "Refund" next to the transaction in question
  3. A new page opens.
    This is the sales cancellation page.
  4. Select the sale(s) that you want to cancel.
  5. Selection whether or not the refund is combined with the return of the item(s)
  6. Give a "comment only" (which means a neutral feedback) or a negative feedback (0% or 25%) through the scroll-down menu and enter a feedback comment
  7. Enter the reason for your cancellation request
  8. The total amount that will be refunded will be directly displayed. Click on "Confirm the request"
  9. A confirmation message will be displayed. Your buyer is refunded the amount that was indicated and your refund will appear in the payments sent: finished.

Warning: In the case of a full refund, your buyer will receive back the total price of the items purchased, the shipping costs and the import fees he paid. The Delcampe Pay fees that have been collected will be refunded to you. However, in the case of a partial refund, your buyer will get back the price of the refunded items, the import fees will be refunded pro rata, the shipping fees and the administrative fees paid will not be refunded. Delcampe Pay fees will not be refunded to you since not all items have been refunded.