Postal verification is an optional paying service. It enables you to check the mailing information entered in your account by receiving a code at your residence and entering in Delcampe. This enables Delcampe to assure other members that the address you supplied actually exists.

Members who use this option and want to increase their “trust” capital with other members can request postal verification. It is recommended, but not mandatory.

This article covers the following subjects:

How to sign up for postal verification?

Postal verification can be requested through the "Account verification" page.

  1. Click on "Continue" under the verification by mail section
  2. Check your mailing address
  3. Click on "Confirm my postal verification"
  4. A letter containing your activation code will then be sent to your mailing address

Warning: You will first be asked to credit your Delcampe account to carry out this operation.

Once you receive your activation code:

  1. Go to the postal verification confirmation page
  2. Enter the code you received
  3. Click on "Confirm my postal verification"

A logo logo_verif.PNG will appear next to your nickname. You will be recognized as a “verified” member. This provides a guarantee to other users that you are reliable.

Postal verification fees

For more information about the cost of postal verification, go to the "Rates” page

What should I do if I didn’t receive my code?

If you don’t receive your code, contact Customer Service via the contact form within 60 days of submitting your request. If the address provided initially is correct, your code will be sent to you free of charge.

We will send you the verification code after 60 days, but you will be invoiced for it again.