If you experience any difficulties with an item paid for via Delcampe Pay (or using any other payment method):

  1. Initiate a dispute.

    This function provides sellers and buyers with a dispute resolution channel and with the opportunity to express their points of view.
  2. If no solution can be found, you can ask us to get involved by clicking on in the dispute you opened.

    This option is provided after two exchanges in the mediation or 14 days after the dispute is opened. A Customer Service mediator can then help resolve the issue or re-establish contact between the buyer and the seller.

    Note: Our mediator will only be able to provide effective help if the item was sent “tracked” (registered or using any other type of “traceable” delivery).

The dispute process and handling are the same, regardless of the payment method used: Delcampe Pay, bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, etc.