If your account has a positive balance, you can request recovery of the balance of your account. You must wait for minimum 30 days following your last payment to make the request. If the deadline isn’t met, a note will indicate the date starting on which you can make the request.

To request a balance refund

  1. Go to "My settings: Billing"

    Tip: If the balance of your account is positive, this section is also accessible via the link "Collect" in "My Delcampe fees: History”.

  2. In the "Refund of account balance" section, check the method via which you want to be reimbursed.
  3. Check or fill in the information requested based on the method selected
  4. Click on "Confirm"

Your Delcampe account will be immediately updated. The actual refund will be made in the days following your request.

This transaction involves administrative. The fees are listed in the summary table displayed before validation.