Sellers can set up their account to allow buyers to pay without waiting for a payment request.
However, some sellers prefer to send their payment requests.

This article covers the following two cases:

My seller allows me to pay without a payment request

  1. Go to "My purchases: To pay".
  2. Choose the transaction to be paid, click on mceclip2.png and you will access the payment request directly.
  3. Add the fees to the payment request yourself, as defined by the seller under the "Sales Conditions " tab on the item page.


  4. Click on mceclip4.png to proceed with payment.


My seller does not allow me to pay and didn't send me a payment request

As long as you have not received your payment request, the transaction is awaiting invoice in your purchase tracking

You then have the option of requesting the payment request by clicking onmceclip1.png.

This will send a message to the seller that you are waiting for the payment request to be sent.


Once the sale has closed, the seller has 7 days to send the payment request to the buyer.

After this deadline, we recommend that you contact the seller via the website's messaging system.

If you do not hear from the seller again within 7 days, open a dispute procedure:

  1. Go to the mediation centre
  2. Choose the buyer status and enter the item number (without spaces and without the # symbol)
  3. Choose "No response from my seller" as reason for the dispute
  4. Enter a short explanation
  5. Click on "Open a dispute"


If after 7 days the seller has not responded, consider the sale cancelled and archive it.

Tip: In this case, you have the right to give your seller a negative feedback. The seller won't have the right to give you a negative feedback in return.If a negative feedback is still given, we invite the buyer to contact our customer service. 

Warning: The deadline for opening a dispute is 90 days maximum after the end of the sale.

Tip: for professional sellers, the words "payment request" should be replaced by "invoice".