The Lister is a tool built on ageing technology that prevents us from providing technical support to our users. This situation forces us to discontinue the download and update of the tool. In the long term, it will no longer be possible for you to list your items via the Lister..
However, we want to enable our Lister users to keep on bulk listing their items via a CSV or Excel file.

To this end, we have created a new selling tool: Easy Uploader.
This new selling tool allows former Lister users to export their files and import them directly into Easy Uploader without having to edit them.

For more information, please read this article: "How do I use my Lister files in Easy Uploader?"

The Lister is one of the selling methods used by Delcampe.

It has been specifically designed to allow a large number of items to be put up for sale quickly. It also allows you to import adverts via an Excel, CSV or XML file.

The Delcampe Lister software can be downloaded from the Delcampe website and installed on your computer. Once it is installed, the programme allows you to prepare your sales times offline before sending them at the click of a button in your shop.

This article covers the following subjects:


Who can use the Lister?

You must be a Club+ Gold member to use the Lister.


How to install the Lister

Technical prerequisites

The Lister is compatible with the following operating systems: 7, 8, 8.1 et 10 as well as Mac OS X.


To install the Lister on your computer:

  1. Go to the Delcampe Lister page
  2. Then download the Lister by clicking 

When the file has downloaded, go to your downloads folder and execute the programme “delcampe-lister” by following the on-screen instructions.


Warning message during installation

When executing the “delcampe-lister” programme, your anti-virus software may say that the application is not recognised (see example below). This message appears because it takes some time for anti-virus software to recognise our new security certificate. We can assure you that installing the Delcampe Lister presents no risk to your computer and that it has been certified by GlobalSign.


To work around this warning message (in this example using Windows Defender. This may vary depending on your anti-virus software):

  1. Click “More information"

  2. Click "Run anyway"

  3. Click "Yes" for "Do you want to allow this app to make chages to your device ?"



To connect to the Delcampe Lister:

  1. Launch the software installed on your computer
  2. Click the button image1.png in the top right
  3. A window will appear, enter your alias and password in the corresponding fields. 


  4. Click "OK"

Disconnecting or changing account

To change account, change your alias and password in the corresponding fields.

To disconnect, delete your alias and password in the corresponding fields and click "OK".