Mangopay costs too much for sellers in Singapore

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    Mangopay is not "free" for sellers in Singapore. Banks in Singapore will charge a fee of SGD 10 - 20
    (Eur. 6.90 - 13.77) for remitting money from mangopay to our account in Singapore.
    Like other sellers in Singapore , I have stated in my Sales Conditions that I only accept payment by
    Paypal now. I also state in the invoice about payment by Paypal.
    This does not contradict Delcampe's general Terms of Payment " All payments are to be made via PayPal or Mangopay, depending on the possibilities offered by the seller. "
    A buyer just made payment by mangopay and I have no choice but to refund the payment and cancel the sale. I forgo
    the sale since it is just not viable to use mangopay.
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    Of course Delcampe will say that the fees charged by Singapore bank has nothing to do with them or with mangopay. But the fact is, Mangopay is only viable for sellers in Europe. Delcampe has forgotten about sellers outside Europe.

    But the system allows buyers to pay me by mangopay even when I specify Paypal only.
    I have raised a question with Delcampe as to whether I can disable mangopay as a payment method .
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    I have received the following reply from Delcampe:

    "As announced since 31/10/2023, the activation of the Mangopay payment system was carried out automatically on 16/01/2024 for all Delcampe accounts.
    In preparation for this change, we modified our general terms and conditions of use on 15/11/2023 and we informed our customers of the future modifications by email dated 31/10/2023.
    In this email dated 31/10/2023, we informed you, among other things, of the modification of point 4.1 of our general terms and conditions of use which now mentions that "A Mangopay account is automatically created for each Delcampe account for eligible countries, according to the terms and conditions set by Mangopay in its general terms and conditions".
    We also reminded you in this email that "by continuing to use the site after 15 November 2023, you accept these changes to our general terms and conditions of use".
    By registering on our platform, you have accepted our general terms and conditions of use, which state in article 16.1 that "The fact of registering, maintaining your registration on the site or taking any action shall be deemed to be tacit acceptance of these terms and conditions".

    Point 17 of our general terms and conditions of use also states that "Upon publication of these terms and conditions or any amendment to them, all members of the site are required to read and accept them. Continued registration on the site and use of the services shall be deemed tacit acceptance of these terms and conditions and any amendments thereto".

    We informed you by email of the future modifications to the charter and therefore of the activation of your Mangopay account 3 months ago. If you did not agree with the terms of our new general terms of use, you could unsubscribe, as mentioned in the email we sent you on 31/10/2023. Since you did not do so, you have accepted the modifications of our Terms and Conditions, including the activation of a Mangopay account, which is now an integral part of your Delcampe account.

    Therefore, you cannot mention in your sales conditions that you do not accept Mangopay. This sentence has been removed from your sales conditions.

    If a buyer pays through Mangopay, you are required to finalize the sale. If you fail to do so, the buyer will be entitled to give you a negative feedback. "

    So I will close all my sales.

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