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    I think it is time that Delcampe reigned in the glut of Sellers who either know nothing about the business they are in or just out and out scam artists. First of all descriptions of coins is the difference between a good sale or palming off junk. It is the seller's duty to honestly describe the coin and mention any faults. This gives the buyer a general overview as the pictures on this site for the most part are either too small or blurry. And I feel in some cases designed to do exactly that. I am fed up buying coins that when opened reek of polish cleaner and covered in scratches when the descriptions are otherwise.
    If you do not know how to look after coins then you have no business trying to palm them off to honest folk. Do some research the prices are ridiculous 4-5 times BUNC values for VF cleaned coins. And don't use the excuse that the buyer didn't ask if the coin was cleaned. Why would they if you use FDC in the title. If I sold you a house just built and you turned up and it had no doors or windows would you be mad? And I answered well you didn't ask if it had windows or doors. Some things are a given when you describe them.
    So please be honest or shut the door on your way out. You are dragging the site down for every decent seller on here. This is a Q/FDC well you decide if it is worth £145 :cop: