Forum Charter

The Forum allows members to express themselves and to share experiences with others.
Members have the possibility to take part in debates and topics or create new topics.

In order to make Delcampe a user-friendly place for all, it is advisable to observe some rules.
What follows is a non-exhaustive list of such rules.


Are not allowed:

  • Insulting and offensive messages, messages with racist or discriminatory content, or messages violating the privacy of others.
  • Attacks aimed at active or non-active members of the Forum, whether or not they can be directly identified.
  • Crudeness and libels.
  • Topics not related to the prescribed section of the Forum.
  • Messages in another language than the the one in use on the Forum.
  • Defamatory, prohibited and obscene information or documents.
  • Messages with advertising or promotional purpose, unless agreed otherwise by Delcampe.
  • Incitement to physical and verbal violence.
  • Messages not complying with copyrights or the right to privacy.

It is advisable for members to pay attention to the following :

  • To be polite, courteous and respectful towards other members.
  • To behave as if your interlocutors were in front of you.
  • Think before you write. Messages should not be as harsh as your thoughts might be.
  • Rather than simply criticize them, choose to help and give advice to other members.
  • Do not overuse capital letters; they give the impression that you are SHOUTING!
  • Humor and irony can be powerful weapons, please be careful!
  • Each section of the Forum is meant to host specific topics. It is advisable to only post messages related to these topics. The section ‘let’s speak together’ is meant to host any types of conversations that do not fit in other sections.
  • Members are fully liable for the content of their messages.
  • Delcampe commits itself to acting rapidly without previous notice or explanation if any message does not comply with the hereby Conditions or upon request of the relevant authorities.
  • Any disrespectful behaviour towards another member or a staff member entitles Delcampe to suspend or to close the user's account.

Did you notice any Charter violation on the forum?

Use the "Report this message" link below each message in the forum.
Our team or one of our moderators will respond as soon as possible.

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