Prepare your sales lists offline with Delcampe Lister
before sending them to your store with one click.

This will help you save time and make managing your sales easier.

  • Quick advert creation.
  • Two-click advert duplication.
  • Compatible with most operating systems.
  • You can add up to 99 images in Lister.
  • Lister can be used with multiple accounts.
  • Automatic programme updates.
  • You can check adverts before sending them.
  • You can import adverts from an Excel file or other sales sites.

The new version of Lister is now available.

To install Lister V4:

  1. Download the installation file to your computer.
  2. Execute the file and follow the installation steps.
Download Lister V4

You need Java (MacOS, Linux) in order to use the Lister. Download this software for free.

Lister is compatible with the following operating systems::

Windows 7, 8 et 10

Mac OS X (From 10.8.3)    Linux

Lister v4 improvements


  • In the assistant for adding an item, you can confirm an addition by pressing the “Enter” key (if the required fields are filled in). This will allow you to avoid clicking on the “Add the item” button.
  • When you duplicate an item, you’re asked if you want to create a new item at the confirmation step. You can now duplicate the same item in succession.
  • The modification assistant always opens up at the last changed step on the previous item. In practice, this allows you to quickly make all the price changes you want on each of your items one after the other.
  • The order and sorting of columns are now saved when you close and reopen the Lister.
  • Column sorting is now done for all of the pages in a folder and not only for the page being viewed.
  • The width of the scroll bars has been increased to improve ease of use.


  • The Lister’s performance has been optimised overall. The Lister will feel quicker.
  • The processing time and the information display have been improved when saving.
  • The total size of images sent from your computer has been increased to max 15 MB per item. The total file size of your images is now displayed too.
  • Hosted images (http link) are now authorised for items.


  • All of your folders are retained when you restore your data after a save.
  • If you modify a sent item, you have the option to reset it as “unsent” for a re-listed sale.
  • After importing a file, the default values could change. This has been corrected.
  • When adding a new image, the previously selected folder opens again for selection of the next image.
  • The Lister installation was in English only. You can now choose your preferred language.

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