In order to make selling easier, to simplify the buyer's experience and to standardize the structure of the categories, we have made some changes in the "Stamps > France" category.

The main changes are as follows:

- Creation of the "...- 1849 Prephilately" category and transfer of the relevant categories from "Postmark collection" to this new dedicated section

- Development and grouping of the items in "Proofs", "Revenue stamps", "Personalized", "Airmail", ...

-Suppression of the "Postmark collection (Detached Stamps)" and placement of the items in the most appropriate categories

We invite you to check the classification of your items and to modify their categories if necessary.

You can find the category numbers through this page.

Warning, the category numbers only appear if they already contain at least one item! Otherwise you can find all subcategories via the selling form.