As a result of the growing success of certain types of items (photos, vinyl records, antiques...) - several categories from "Other collections" have been highlighted.

You can now find the following categories at the same level as the usual categories such as "Stamps", "Postcards" ... :

Other categories have also been moved up one level in "Other themes & collections"

Two very little visited categories "Aquarium" (#8410) and "Plants, Seeds and Bulbs" (#18840) have been deleted, the items they contained have been transferred to "Other themes & collections > Unclassified"

Note that the numbers of the subcategories contained in these more visible categories have not been changed.

Warning: moving and deleting categories may affect the favourite lists you have set up. For more information, please read this Help Center article: Incorrect favourite list due to category deletion/relocation

Warning: deleting categories may impact your listings via the API, the Lister or EasyUploader. Please read this Help Center article: API/Lister/EasyUploader- incorrect category number