The follow-up of the items you bought on Delcampe is done through your purchases.
This page is divided into different sections that each represent a stage in your purchase tracking. Thus, you can easily find, among all your purchased items, those that are still waiting to be invoiced by your seller, those that you still have to pay and those that you still have to receive.
The passage of the payment request from one tab to the other, and therefore the change of status, depends on the correct use of the tracking icons. Their functioning is explained below.

The use of icons, although strongly recommended, is not mandatory. It is therefore very likely that some of your sellers may not check them. This does not mean that they have not received your payment, or that they have not sent your item. Do not hesitate to contact them in this case.

The different tabs that are part of the purchase tracking are the following


You will find in the "All" section of your purchases all the items you have purchased. All your purchases are listed regardless of their status (awaiting invoice, awaiting payment, awaiting shipment...)

Tip: ems of this page, and of all these tabs, are sorted based on the last date of sale. You can sort your sales by date (from the most recent to the oldest ...) or by seller's nickname (alphabetical).
Click on "Tracking display options" to change this display.

Awaiting invoice

All purchases for which no payment request has been sent to you yet can be found under the "Awaiting invoice" tab. 

By clicking on "Ask for the payment request", an e-mail will be sent to your seller to inform him/her that you would like to receive a payment request.

Awaiting payment

As soon as your seller has sent you his payment request, your purchase is automatically found under the "Awaiting payment" tab. 

The icon indicating that your seller has sent you his payment request is now colored.

The "Pay" button is now available and enables you to pay for your purchase.
As soon as you pay for your purchase, it is automatically moved to the tab "Awaiting shipment

To know how to pay for your purchase on Delcampe, we invite you to read the article "How to pay your seller"

Awaiting shipment

As soon as you have paid for your purchase, it can be found under the tab "Awaiting shipment".

The icon indicating that you have made your payment is now checked.

Tip: as soon as your seller has received your payment, the icon "payment received" is checked mceclip5.png
As soon as the seller has notified that your item has been sent, the "sent item" icon will be displayed like this:

How do I indicate that I received my item?

You have two options :

  • use the tracking icons.
    By clivking on this icon, you indicate that you have received your item
  • click on the button mceclip3.png

Once done, the "received item" icon appears in color


All the purchases that you have marked as received can be found under the "Received" tab.

As soon as you have notified that you have received the item, the "Received Item" icon will be displayed like this:

To find out how to archive your payment request, please read the article "Archive and unarchive a payment request". 



This is where you will find all the purchases you have archived.

Tip: you can display all payment requests that you have deleted via the display options.

To find out how to unarchive a purchase, please read the article "Archive and unarchive a payment request".