If you have any problems logging in to Delcampe, please read the following information. You may find the solution here.

This article covers the following topics:


I forgot my nickname, password or both

If you have forgotten your nickname or password, we invite you to consult our Help Center articles below:


I receive a message telling me that my nickname or password is incorrect

Check that your caps lock is off, then try again.

If you have pre-registered your password in your browser, check that it is still correct and try again.

Below you will find online help articles on password management for the most common browsers:


If you still can’t log in:

  1. Have your nickname sent to you by e-mail: I forgot my nickname
  2. Ask to reset your password: I forgot my password
  3. Try to log in with the nickname that your received and your password


I receive a message indicating that the limit of attempts has been exceeded

This limit is intended to protect you personally and increase the security of your account. If you receive this message, please contact our Customer Service.

A member of the Delcampe team will be able to unblock you.


I receive a message indicating that my account is closed or suspended

If you receive this message, please contact our Customer Service.

I've been asked to authorize a new connection to my account, what should I do?

In order to increase the security when logging on Delcampe, a location verification system has been put in place.

For more information and to know which steps you need to follow to log in, please have a look at this article "Authorize the connection to your account".